Hostlasting® is an registered brand name of Cloud19 Technologies.

Hostlasting - Your Way to Host

Our Commitments

We supply most of the servers, applications, bandwidth, and management applications required to conduct the daily operations of small scale businesses or individuals.

We are focused on providing exceptional quality support. Our team has a rich experience in the Web Hosting and IT related industries.

Our Mission

We ensure that our customers' websites will be accessible 24/7. We proudly assure our customers that we provide nearly 99.9% of uptime for their websites. We consistently utilize the top end of programs available. These programs are equipped with exemplary applications and software to enable the reliability of servers.

Our Vision

Quality-oriented & fully managed services is a quality-oriented company that aims to host and fully manage applications and websites to fulfil our clients’ and stakeholders' requirements.

Affordability and simplicity

Hostlasting is designed to provide excellent web hosting services on top-end servers at low cost. It is one of the best web hosting companies and the fastest growing web hosting services provider for small companies. Our simple and easy to use design is meant to provide reliable and scalable solutions.

Why us?

Our objective is to provide the best services within the time duration outlined by the clients along with helping them achieve profitability and sustained growth with exceptional customer service, innovation, quality, and dedication. has been delivering innovative solutions, and has been growing rapidly toward becoming the best web hosting company with our customer-focused attitude. We have been striving to make hosting reliable, helpful, and simple. Our equipment is selected with careful consideration to ensure optimum performance and uptime for client websites. We utilize servers of top-notch quality, which are equipped with double quad-core processors and powerful RAM. Moreover, we deploy high-speed drive installation with the help of raid 10 to provide incredible speed and data protection.

Hostlasting all connectivity is offered via a too redundant network route that optimizes the routing of an entire data. After extensive research, we have empowered our community optimization by probes, which allow us to automatically track the data along the ideal path. We are instrumental in offering remarkably reliable, transparent, secure, and affordable hosting solutions for individuals and companies.


Hostlasting - Get Ready for the Best Reliable Hosting Solution

Everything we do at Hostlasting is aimed at delivering the best service to our clients. The standards we have been following are inherited from the past couple of years of expertise. We have assembled the network and hosting infrastructure by taking maximum scalability and uptime warranty into consideration. We are instrumental in providing high-quality and superior service, cooperative environment, and distinguished expertise to surpass customer expectations. We are accessible around the clock (24x7x365) for our clients for addressing their queries and providing satisfactory solutions.

Superb Range Of Quality Products

We have gained competitive edge and stood out from other web hosting companies in the industry by developing a blend of standard hosting and custom-made hosting alternatives. We have demonstrated that our product range contain excellent attributes and affordable pricing for services including domain name, shared hosting, reseller hosting, KVM VPS hosting, Storage VPS, Windows VPS, email hosting, dedicated servers, WordPress Hosting, eCommerce hosting, SSL certificates, CMS hosting, and others. As the best web hosting company in the business, we are instrumental in including new features to our list as a part of development and innovation in the web hosting business. We have always been keen about developing superior and top-notch products to keep our clients updated and protected.


Hostlasting Around The World

No matter where your website server is? or which data center you choose? Hostlasting's all data center has excellent connectivity across the world. All our data center locations are in India, US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore etc.