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Business Web Hosting Plans

We provide 100% secured 24x LiteSpeed SSD business web hosting plans through the provision of integrated solutions.
Following is the list of the pricing plans-


Hostlasting - Business & Corporate Web Hosting

Optimized for Business

Enhancing the visibility of the business is one of the essential factors to establish the business prowess of an enterprise. Through the enhanced web-server mechanisms, internet technology, and digitization & software optimization techniques, we are providing efficient and qualitative services at considerably cheap rates.

99% SLA Delivered

Our company prides itself on providing 99% SLA. Though there are many companies in the market that promise 99% SLA, very few of them are able to deliver. Because, offering the high efficiency level of SLA optimization is achievable for few companies only. Our web optimization measures are well-known in the industry, and our SLA Certification provides integrated solutions to for solving problems of customers. We ensure full cooperation to our customers if they are dissatisfied with the services provided by us.

Business Emails

Business emails are an integral part of the communication in an organization. Thus, we have optimized email services through the operation of multiple email accounts that would help us in navigating problems quickly and also provide reasonable liquidity to provide solutions to the problems of customers regarding "Junk Email" or “Spams”, which can cause considerable damage to the integrity of the system.

Imunify360 Security

Our LiteSpeed servers, along with cloud computing OS, increase your website's speed, performance, security, and adaptability. Just forget about security as we provide a security tool known as "Imunify 360." This scan finds malware and gives your website a security against hackers’ attacks or some other questionable attacks.


100% Secured Business Web Hosting Plans.

Following are a set of associated features that play a crucial role in the functioning of the system software

  • Free Formation and Distribution of IP
  • Free SSL Certificate Provision
  • Free Domain Name Server System
  • CageFs and Softaculous installed in the system
  • Infinite Web Space
  • Endless Monthly Bandwidth on the Internet Technology Platform
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts and Access Points
  • Free Data Transfer from other Hosting Websites

Additional Features associated with the system

Free Domain Name Notation System

The provision of a Domain Name Notation System is as important as creating the provision of the other systems that are integrated into the web solutions. Domain Name provides you an opportunity of selecting a unique Domain Server, through which, you can be identified. Furthermore, the name of your website should be familiar enough so that the servers can be shared among multiple people, which in turn, would result in a better understanding of the Domain Name System and enable smooth integration of important business solutions. This highlights that the Domain Name provides a perfect identification for the server websites.

Provision of Free SSL Certificate

Checking the security maintenance functioning of the website and how it incorporates a mechanism to ensure the stability of a website is extremely crucial for maintaining the integrity and stability of the website orientation. SSL Certificate provides you with the two-layered security option that would help you in providing adequate functioning to protect the system from software malfunctioning and preventing viruses from entering into the system. This ensures that the system security compliance is not compromised. Security Integration is maintained by maintaining security layers, and thereby, encouraging more and more website orientation companies to secure themselves with SSL Certificates.


Another important factor that every website must capitalize on is creating backup facilities. At times, users can inadvertently delete or misplace important files. These files can be deleted from the storage mechanism of the existing operating system. However, when a user opts for the backup option, a folder will be created automatically for storing the requisite files. Then users can always sync the backup with the system so that the files can be stored permanently.

Presence of cPanel

The presence of cPanel helps you perform important functions like management of website orientation and programming, creating and syncing email websites, and organization of sub-domain and FTP Accounts that would be extremely useful for the orientation of the software programming. Therefore calculation of database, management systems, and SEO marketing techniques are useful for the proper orientation of the software system.

Database Management System

Database management system refers to the orientation and identification of the data modules and storing of the information that would be essential to comply with the company standards and policies. It also refers to the structures that have been established to create a provision for a management mechanism where information is gathered, stored, and then distributed according to the mentioned criteria of the clients. Client preferences will be given an utmost priority in such cases.

Integrated Softaculous in cPanel

Storage mechanisms my pose difficulty in your system as already existing storage contents may take up a lot of space and may not allow you to install more applications in your system. However, there are ways in which you can create multiple accounts to divulge information and build a strong social and economical software-oriented infrastructural base. We have a system of Softaculous, which is a single click installer incorporated with cPanel with all budgeted hosting packages. It contains more than 430 scripts along with 1115 PHP classes. In addition, there is a scope for addition of new scripts and classes to enable you to install the applications in the existing storage space. Additional software-oriented programming can also be carried out in this space.

Multiple Location of Servers

Server locations take up an important place in the server orientation programming of a website. Multiple servers ensure an adequate space for covering all relevant items under a single umbrella. With multiple servers, you can decrease the amount of time spent for surfing the internet. Moreover, the download speed of applications is considerably increased.

Additional Features and Guarantees Provided

Money Sack 3D Illustration By
30 Days Return Guarantee

We offer 30 Days return guarantee if the user finds our service incompetent and gives us an idea about what has been lacking with our system application.

Extensive Web-Server Application

We have a dedicated system of server applications to ensure a diverse range of services and the scope for a safe and secure mode of operation aligning with our organizational ethics.

Continuous Technical Phone Support

We are available for you around the clock throughout the year. (24*7*365). Our cooperative support team is always present to address your queries.


With all of our hosting plans, we provide AttractaSEO tools, which are the world's most extensive SEO services that help thousands of websites enhance their search engine optimization ranking and draw more visitors to their websites.

Free Online Website Builder

If you are a start-up and does not have a website, you can certainly make your own website. Select a template design, customize it according to your need, and get online immediately after publishing it.

Datacenter Locations

We offer multiple servers together with our company hosting plan so that visitors to your website can experience a great UX. Location of our data centres are India, the U.K., the U.S., and Poland. These multiple locations offer world-class and exceptional connectivity for your visitors. It is essential to be aware of the fact that your website's speed and performance depend a good deal on the positioning of website hosting server. Therefore, we advise you to decide the server location that is near your website visitors.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Though a good deal of web hosting firms guarantee the optimum uptime SLA; however they do not possess a technology to do it and rely upon the fate and supply minimal SLA to their clients. But, we, at Hostlasting, sincerely and assuredly assert that we offer nearly 99.9% Uptime SLA. We are equipped with technologies necessary to achieve this without affecting the visibility of your organization website. We are so confident on our platform that we are prepared to refund one month free hosting for our clients if they report downtime in the event of our policy.

Utilize SiteApps to make your website better

SiteApps affects Google Analytics' ability and provides a set of easy to install apps. This enforces company proprietors to effectively upgrade and enhance their online presence. Additionally, it assists in making your website better and increasing website traffic and sales with the assistance of a one-click install, which is set up with SiteApps. It will advise you several apps for improving your site.

Lightning Fast Website Performance

To ensure lightening fast performance, we have installed SSDs and PHP 5.X around PHP 7.X versions on our servers. In addition, we have installed CDN so you can enjoy fast website functionality.

Free Migration

This is one of the most prominent services provided in the Small Business Hosting Plans. This ensures the migration of your website to our servers from the the current web hosting provider is an efficient one.


We offer Free CloudFlare services for clients who want to avail the Content Delivery Network Services. This feature is available with our entire web hosting plans. CloudFlare is helpful for offering security to a professional website.

Instant Account Setup

Company hosting accounts will be set up immediately once you deliver the payment. You will get details about Servers Names and Account Information via a welcome email. In the next moment, your business is on the internet.

Easily upgrade your plans

Embark upon the journey of your new business or company through website hosting with us. You can take further steps by availing different options and plans as your company strides toward growth. We offer assistance by our specialist technicians for rapid upgrade of your projects.

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Hostlasting offers unlimited FTP accounts as FTP is a beneficial protocol for tracking your files along with directories across the network without incurring any issues and carrying out operation at a faster speed. You can opt to schedule the transfers.

Server Security

We assure you that we have taken necessary measures to keep our servers secure and offer secure online trades. We implement different various tools to acquire our servers such as Cloudlinux, Hardware and Software Firewall, ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs), Maldet, ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF), ModSecurity, ClamAV, and others.

Website transfer with no downtime

Whenever you like to transfer your website from another web hosting provider to ours, our specialist team of technicians can help you with it with no extra transfer charges and downtime.

RAID 10 Storage

We utilize RAID 10 configurations that are most commonly used in web hosting companies since it unites disk mirroring in addition to disk striping methods for protecting your data. Moreover, it provides data redundancy and performance. It is helpful in a variety of applications, including email, web servers, and databases.

Programming Languages that are supported

The shared hosting plans of our company support various programming languages such as PHP, CGI, Perl, Zend Optimizer CGI Scripting, CGI Scripting, and HTML. In addition, we provide the phpMyAdmin tool to manage permissions, databases, indexes, tables, and others with the UI support.

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Security of Email Accounts

If you are looking for a secure, easy-to-use, and free business email accounts that are able to manage a huge number of email accounts from the single spot, then you can create unlimited email accounts with our business and corporate hosting plan. In addition, we offer security measures including BoxTrapper, SpamAssassin, Antivirus, and others to guarantee you that your company email inbox is protected from spams.


What is Business Web Hosting?

In today's international e-market, it is essential to present your services on the web. For this, you require good and reliable web hosting solutions for your products and services. These hosting solutions would continuously provide the boost through the hottest technological approaches to keep you ahead of other rivals. This hosting of business on the web is known as Business Web Hosting.

In what ways the business web hosting is different from other hosting plans?

Business web hosting caters to the necessity of your company’s requirements. With this, you may host large traffic or data-intensive websites and applications, unlike shared hosting. It is fast and reliable hosting. In addition, it is easy to set up. It also provides exceptional business performance.

Is there a limit on the number of websites that can be hosted with a Business Hosting Account?

You can host several websites on our Business Hosting Account. However, the number varies depending upon the plan you chose.

What is the procedure to gain a free Domain Name with the help of business hosting?

As per the hosting plans, you can make an annual payment to gain a free Domain Name.

What is the amount of disk space and bandwidth provided by the Business Hosting?

You will gain unlimited disk space along with unlimited bandwidth by choosing any of our business hosting plans.

Do you migrate the existing hosting account or websites that are availed from different provider?

Yes, we provide a service that ensures migration of hosting accounts or websites from another hosting provider to our hosting platform.

Will there be any downtime incurred at the time of the migration procedure? If yes, how long will it last?

The amount of time taken and the entire migration procedure vary as per the size of the accounts of the former hosting provider and its connectivity. As per our expertise, it takes nearly four to eight hours for migration. You do not need to change the name servers of the domain to remain online.

Is there any money-return guarantee on the Business Hosting plans?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-return guarantee on the most of our Business Hosting Plans. The refund cannot be claimed if the service has been experienced under AUP or other prohibited actions mentioned in the refund policy.

Are there any backup services provided for the account or website?

There are weekly backups provided for business hosting plans. Nonetheless, you also must take a backup from your own end and keep it in your personal computer as we will not be liable for any data loss due to a hardware crash.

What are the payment methods through which payments are accepted?

The payment methods we accept payment are as follow:

  • Debit Card, Credit Card, Wallet Transfer, and many more (Indian Client)
  • CCavenue (Indian Client)
  • Paypal (International Client)
  • PayU Money
  • RazorPay